Ice Rail

Do I need to install Ice Rail on my roof?
We recommend installing Ice Rail for every customer. 

During a snowstorm, snow is deposited on rooftops and accumulates, creating what is called a snowpack. As the snow continues to pile on, the roof may be able to keep the snowpack on the roof for a time, but as temperatures rise the sun’s rays will warm the snow and cause the snowpack to loosen. When this happens, gravity plays a role and the entire sheet of snow or ice is suddenly released and an avalanche occurs.

Installing an ice rail on a sloped roof holds the ice and snow on the roof and prevents it from sliding off suddenly. The weight of the snow and ice is evenly distributed by the roof ice rails as it melts off, therefore preventing damage. This is not only important for public buildings but for residential properties as well.

Metal Roofs especially need roof ice rails because the surfaces are smooth and do not provide any traction. This provides a slippery surface for snow and ice, making it more prone to sliding off to the ground unexpectedly

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Pro Time proudly offers this option for both exposed panels or standing seam panels!